Canoeing is the only watersport that we operate all year round.

At Arran Outdoor Education Centre, canoeing takes place over a half day on the sea or inland. It’s an activity that requires good communication – whether canoeing as a pair in a single boat, or as a team of six in two boats rafted together which is usually the case in the winter.

What do I need?

We provide all the equipment and tuition required for you and your crew to progress. The instructors will always be keeping a watchful eye to make sure the session is safe and fun for all involved.

Canoe games

Typically, we play lots of games during a canoe session.

These can include:

  • canoe v canoe tug of war
  • drag racing
  • Canoe’s Got Talent

These are great fun and often bring teams together or highlight ways to improve as a team.