Survival game

The survival game at Arran Outdoor Education Centre is great way to learn about:

  • food chains
  • predator and prey relationships
  • what an animal needs for survival

What’s involved?

The game usually involves the whole group, including staff members and instructors. It can be played in any weather.

We play the survival game in woods near the centre, where a habitat has been set up. Unlike most activities, there is no teamwork allowed – it’s up to the individual to “stay alive”.

You will take on the role of one of the following creatures:

  • slug
  • vole
  • owl

Then, you’ll find out:

  • what these animals need to survive
  • what they need to do to avoid becoming prey

You will receive a bib to show which animal you represent. You will have to find a selection of plant food, shelter and prey animals depending on which animal you are.

Instructors play the role of humans – who can’t be killed, and can “kill” any animal who is not following the rules!