Caring for the environment is a key part of Arran Outdoor Education Centre’s ethos, and aspects of this are built into every activity that we do.

However, we also run activities with a focus on conservation. Usually, this is part of the John Muir Award that we run on many of our week-long courses.

Working with organisations

We also use this as an opportunity to work with local conservation organisations, including:

Conservation activities

The conservation activities include:

  • beach cleans
  • wildlife surveys
  • native tree planting
  • removing invasive non-native species such as rhododendron ponticum or Norwegian and non-native spruce trees

The list of activities is expanding each year as new island-wide conservation projects become available.

What’s involved?

All conservation activities involve getting stuck in – and usually muddy! We use various tools, from loppers and saws to spades and trowels.

The instructors will make sure all participants understand:

  • how to use and carry tools responsibly
  • the context of what they are doing and how it will help the natural environment