Arran Outdoor Education Centre has its own orienteering course based on site, as well as in the grounds of Brodick Castle Country Park.

We have a wide range of courses and events to suit everyone, from young children to adults.

What’s involved?

The skill of navigation is key to orienteering.

Our instructors will give you a coaching session prior to starting an event. This will cover subjects like:

  • setting the map
  • route choice
  • distances
  • bearings
  • identifying map features

Orienteers can participate individually or as a team. To be successful, you will need to:

  • plan ahead
  • keep track of time
  • act responsibly whilst out on the course

The courses can be run, walked and sometimes even cycled. You can also take part in orienteering at night!

Orienteering can give a great sense of freedom – not only through learning the skill of navigation, but because you’re let loose to forge your own route in order to beat the clock. Remember though – accuracy always beats speed!

Keeping safe

All our courses are laid out in easily defined areas. Although it is still definitely possible to get a bit lost – which is part of the fun – the instructors are able to keep track of everyone’s rough location.