Raft building

Raft building at Arran Outdoor Education Centre is an extremely effective team building activity – and lots of fun!

What’s involved?

To construct a successful raft, your team will need to:

  • communicate clearly
  • work together
  • support each other
  • choose a leader

Sessions are usually split into three stages:

  • planning: where our instructors show the group recommended ways of building a raft, and then the team need to come up with a design and assign roles
  • construction: where the teams build their raft, usually with a time limit
  • launch: this might include a race round a buoy, or the recovery of an object or person from a moored boat

During the raft building session, each team has its own instructor who will:

  • help with the build
  • act as safety cover in a canoe or boat, once the raft is afloat

Most raft building sessions take place in front of the centre off our slipway. However, we do sometimes use other locations if conditions require it.

What do I need?

This can often end up being a wet session, with some rafts not staying complete or afloat!

After the construction stage, we’ll ensure you’re kitted out with all the right equipment, including:

  • wetsuits
  • buoyancy aids
  • helmets
  • paddle