Lamlash Bay is the perfect place to learn to kayak and gain a different perspective of the sea.

Types of kayak

We have a range of kayaks in different sizes, including:

  • multi-purpose and sit on top kayaks for an introduction to kayaking
  • sea tourers and kayaks for a more experienced exploration along the coastline of Arran

What’s involved?

We run half day and full day sessions to suit the needs of different groups.

All of our instructors:

  • are qualified by British Canoeing
  • have a wide range of kayaking experience from all round the world

Introductory sessions

The majority of introductory sessions happen in the bay adjacent to our centre in Lamlash. However, we can travel to other locations on the island when required.

An introductory session will consist of:

  • a safety brief
  • learning and developing new skills, such as paddle stokes and balance

Playing games in our kayaks is always a good way to achieve this.

The session may also include a small journey depending on the conditions.

Advanced sessions

For more advanced sessions, we often either:

  • make the crossing over to Holy Isle
  • travel to the south or north of the island, where the conditions are usually a bit more challenging

Duke of Edinburgh

We also run Duke of Edinburgh sea kayak expeditions in the summer. These are open to anyone doing the award.

What should I bring?

All the equipment you need is provided, including:

  • wetsuits
  • buoyancy aids
  • paddles are provided

We do however ask that you bring a towel and swimming shorts or costume.