Climbing is one of the most popular activities that we offer at Arran Outdoor Education Centre.

It’s a great vehicle for developing confidence and self-esteem.

What’s involved?

Nearly all our climbing sessions involve peer belaying which demands focus and responsibility. It also teaches you the physical skill of belaying itself.

This means that everybody can get involved in the session, regardless of physical ability.


The activity can take place:

  • on site at the centre’s climbing tower
  • at our local crag at Largy Beg

Both locations have multiple climbs of varying difficulty to suit everyone’s confidence levels.

The climbing tower at the centre has the added bonus of our automatic belay devices, which allow you to spend a lot more time climbing.

You can also choose which colour of hold you are going to use to increase the challenge, or even climb blindfolded!

What do I need?

We provide all the specialist equipment you need, including:

  • helmet
  • harness
  • rock shoes

We also deliver instructions on how the equipment should be worn.

Our instructors are all independently qualified by the Mountain Training Association to run climbing sessions.  

Keeping safe

Safety is our main concern during a climbing session. It is important to listen to and understand all the instructions given to you by your instructor.