Coastal exploration

Arran Outdoor Education Centre is perfectly placed to take participants on a coastal exploration due to its location within Scotland’s first No Take Zone – a special area of conservation, designated to help regenerate the marine environment.

What can I see?

On a coastal exploration, you can expect to discover all sorts of creatures from shore crabs to anemones, shrimps and fish to name but a few. We regularly see larger marine animals like seals and otters. A little less often, we strike it lucky and spot porpoises and dolphins.

We can also travel further afield to the south of the island at Kildonan. Still within a Marine Protected Area, Kildonan boasts a large common seal colony. Spotting over a hundred seals is not uncommon on days when then weather and tide are favourable.

We work closely with the Community of Arran Seabed Trust and often tie in a visit to their octopus centre as part of the safari, which is always popular.

Giving back

It’s nice to give something back, so during our safari we often undertake a wildlife survey to help keep track of what we are seeing and pass this information on to conservation organisations.

We can also do a beach clean and remove as much plastic as physically possible. This is a great team activity, especially with prizes available for the most collected.